Kwickan Portable Container- Sandbagger


The patented Sandbagger Kwickan™ is a one-person sandbag filling tool. The Sandbagger Kwickan™ is a lightweight, portable and reusable sandbag holder & shovel combination, designed to fit any size sandbag. This unique product eliminates the need for a second person to hold the sandbag during the filling process and easily increases the number of sandbags that can be put in place during an emergency by 300 percent. The patented design of the Sandbagger Kwickan™ allows for flat storage and features a 6-inch extension beyond the sandbag height, creating an instant shovel for fast and easy loading of a sandbag. The Sandbagger Kwickan™ is constructed from recycled ABS plastic. The Sandbagger Kwickan™ will work with any type or sized sandbag and/or (wet or dry) fill.

Shipping Weight 1 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 32 × 2 × 20 in