Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding Peppermill Home’s line of Wooden Shutters, Interior Doors, and Outdoor Products.

Chromatic Series Folding Doors FAQ

How do I anchor the door with the Channel Clips, and what do I do with the Closure Channel?
The Channel Clips are to be screwed directly on to the anchor side door jamb. We suggest using the Closure Channel as an alignment tool simply because it has predrilled holes to mark the jamb. Once you have made the marks on the jamb, set the Closure Channel aside and screw the Channel Clips to the jamb. The Closure Channel is then installed on the opposite side of the jamb for the door to close in to.

Are there Closure Channels for the Addison door?
No. In the case of a double door, the doors latch together with magnets.

How do the doors stay closed?
Depending on the model, there are 1 or 2 magnets on each door.

Is there a lock available?
Yes. The Folding Door Lock is compatible with any of the styles in the series. Please contact us at info@peppermillhome.com if you are interested in obtaining this product.

Is there a key lock available?

Is there a warranty on these doors?
Yes. The Spectrum, Woodshire and Homestyle doors have a one year Limited Manufacturer warranty.

Is it ok to install the Spectrum or Homestyle Folding Doors for exterior use or to cover a window or sliding glass doors?
No. These doors cannot withstand severe weather (i.e. cold, heat, direct sunlight, storms, etc.).

Is there a curved track available for the Folding Doors?

How should the doors be cleaned?
They can be cleaned with warm soapy water or any non-abrasive household cleaner.

Can the doors be painted?
We do not recommend painting these doors, which would most likely chip off of the panels or hinges.

Are replacement parts available?
Yes. If you are in need of a replacement part, please contact customer service department 8:30am – 4:00pm EST Monday through Friday for assistance. We can be reached at (800) 676-1076.

Exterior Shutters FAQ

Can I order one single shutter instead of a pair?
Yes. The cost would be half of what is posted or quoted, but the lead-time does not change.

What is the minimum width for the top rail, bottom rail, and stiles?
1 1/2″

What is the maximum width for the top rail, bottom rail, and stiles?
Top Rail: Louvered is 5″; Raised Panel is 5 3/4″. Bottom Rail: Louvered is 5″; Raised Panel is 5 3/4″. Stiles: Louvered is 4″; Raised Panel is 6″.

Can the center rail size change?
The center rails are uniform due to the louvered product. Changing the size is not a cost effective option.

Can the louver size be changed?
No. We produce our own louvers with a molder that can only cut one size.

Can I special order a different thickness?
No. The raw material we use is 1 5/16″ thick, and when we machine it, we get our 1 1/8″ thickness.

Can I trim the top rail, bottom rail, or stiles?
We do not suggest trimming our finished products. Doing so would void the warranty and definitely weaken the product.

Can I cut a shutter in half through the center rail?
Alterations would void the warranty and definitely weaken the product.

Can I order a primed or painted shutter?
No. We ship only unfinished products.

Can I order a shutter with a flat panel on both sides?
No. Not at this time.

Is the raised panel shutter raised on both sides?
No. The backside is flat.

Can I order an arched top or an arched cap?
No. We do not offer any decorative features on our shutters.

What are the width and height size limitations?
The height can be custom made between 29-84 inches only. The smallest possible width is 12″ for both louvered and raised panel; the largest possible width is 24″ for louvered and 20″ for raised panel.

When the size reads 15 x 55, for example, does the shutter actually measure this size or is there a nominal difference? Is this the same for a custom shutter – 16 1/2 x 8 1/2 for example?
Our products are created as close as possible on all orders. There is a standard tolerance in woodworking that allows 1/8″ in width and length, but we try to create our products as close as our equipment will allow.

Can the shutters be used as interior shutters?
Our shutters can be adapted for interior purposes if the hardware is substantial enough to ensure safety in installation and use.

Tuff Spike FAQ

Is there a heavy-duty spike available?

Can the 30″ post spike be used for an open fence over 5’h?
It is not recommended and would void the warranty.

Can the 30″ post spike be used for a vinyl fence over 5’h?
It can be used for a vinyl fence, however, it is not recommended for a fence over 5’h.

How many feet should there be between each post spike used for a fence?
Any distance up to 8′ or as determined by the fence manufacturer instructions.

What is the maximum spike height recommended when anchoring a single post?
In the case of using the spikes for a volleyball net, bird feeder, or small sign, for instance, we suggest an 8′ maximum height.

What is the weight support limit for each spike?
TuffSpike has been tested to support a 480 lb. load without failure or damage to the spikes.

How far apart should each post spike be on a deck?
Before application, it is recommended that you contact your local building inspector to determine your community’s code.

What is the maximum height for use on a deck installation?
The deck should be no more than 2′ off the ground.

Can they be painted?
No. The paint would not adhere.

What is the expected lifetime of the TuffSpike posts?
When installed properly, they have a lifetime duration.

Is there an advantage if the spikes are installed in cement?
No. It defeats the purpose and design of the post spike.

How do I remove the post spike?
Dig around the spike to a depth that will allow you to remove the spike from the earth.

I am having difficulty removing the short post used for driving the spike into the ground. What can I do to pry the block out without disturbing the spike?
Use a crow bar or a long handle screwdriver and pry the wood out. If this does not work, use a hammer and chisel to remove the wood from the collar.